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site rules and responsibilities

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:17 am

You are a member of the wellness collective. We want members to gain something positive from the time they spend here. We don't have many rules, but we do expect members to keep them. Any member found constantly flouting or breaking the rules will be subjected to either a temporary or permanent ban and where necessary, forum posts and any other associated materials and data we have collected will be shared with the relevant authorities.

we will ban you if...
-You try to buy and/or sell any goods or services to site members without the express written permission of the administrator.
-You're participating in this forum to "groom", "solicit","cherry-pick", "seduce", "deceive" or "harm" other members.
-You try to arrange real-world meet-ups or organise events with other site members without the express written permission of the administrator.
-You talk about sex in a graphic, vulgar or demeaning way.
-You talk about your plans to kill yourself or self-harm in an attempt to manipulate or gain attention from members.
-You write (racist, sexist, homophobic) hate posts.
-You collude with other members to isolate or bully other members.

we expect you to be responsible: if somebody on the site contacts you, to give you abuse or try to manipulate you in some way, or if somebody is messaging you in private and they're constantly bombarding you with images or content you're not happy to receive, contact the site administrator.

being responsible also means acting in ways which help to keep yourself safe: this is an open access forum, and visible to the world. Most people who use resources like this are pro-social, positive, and decent people and it is natural for relationships to develop among like-minded peers. If you have been chatting online to somebody for three years, and they've never trampled on any of your personal boundaries, if you feel it would be a positive step for you both to become real-world friends, then follow these guidelines...

don't instantly become a Facebook friend. Facebook potentially holds a lot of personal information about you, your family and friends, and a bad person can use this information against you. First, exchange mobile phone numbers in private message. Speak to each other on the phone a few times. Maybe move onto Skype. See if the real-life person matches up with the forum persona.

If you arrange to meet, face-to-face, after that, do so in a public place, tell somebody where you're going, who with, and what time you will be back, and arrange to call a friend when you get home.

Make sure you have enough money, time and sense to get home safely, don't get drunk or take drugs before or during the meet, never leave your drink or food unattended, don't give or accept a lift to get home, don't accept impromptu offers to visit a specific new place, especially if that involves travelling in a taxi or private vehicle, and don't accept offers of accommodation from anyone unless you have made the arrangements yourself.

if the person you meet doesn't seem like your kind of person, face to face, if they offend you, creep you out, freak you out, try to smarm you or charm you, if they've brought a friend and that wasn't pre-arranged, if their behaviour makes you feel unsettled in any way, make your excuses and leave.


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