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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:22 am

In June 2015, the administrator realised they had some knowledge and experience of using wellness, recovery and self-help tools and concepts both personally and professionally, but there was no "one-size-fits-all" type workbook, or a recognisable structured system that could be easily remembered and used by most people. Most of the theories and ways of working that seemed popular were not free, and none of them where gathered together in a coherent whole.

The administrator decided they would try to structure this information in a way which could be productively utilized by the majority of people who encountered it, and "The Workbook" was created.

Realising the workbook, to include everything, would be a massive tome the size of an eco-car, the administrator thought they would create a forum, and here it is.

welcome to the wellness collective.

The aims of the wellness collective are:

*to discuss what wellness, recovery and self-help mean,
*to provide a place where members can both give and receive support,
*to create and then distribute, free of charge, the wellness collective workbook, designed to help people help themselves. The workbook contains goal analysis and goal strategizing templates people can use to identify and action their goals using business concepts such as SMART and GROW and SWOT. The workbook is a self-directed manual containing a series of self-report questionnaires, motivational and creative exercises, and domain analysis techniques to analyse lives and lifestyles and focus on improving that which can be improved,
*to give people some insight into managing and thriving in spite of long term health conditions or other common obstacles by exploring ideas such as "the wellness toolbox", "understanding triggers", "relapse prevention", "being an expert patient", "WRAP", "The Recovery Star",
*to provide a basic understanding of the psychological theories underpinning the wellness, recovery and self help movement.

Of course, all this will take forever. This free forum, hosted by forummotion, is just the start. I have great plans for the wellness collective. Oh yes. Why not join me for the ride?


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