recovery: what is it?

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recovery: what is it?

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:05 pm


Recovery is a concept that recognises that people can be in control of their lives despite mental health problems, and can regain a meaningful life despite a serious mental illness.

Components of the process of recovery:
1. Finding and maintaining hope – believing in oneself; having a sense of personal agency; optimistic about the future;
2. Re-establishment of a positive identity – finding a new identity which incorporates illness, but retains a core, positive sense of self;
3. Building a meaningful life – making sense of illness, finding a meaning in life despite illness, engaged in life;
4. Taking responsibility and control - feeling in control of illness and in control of life.

(after Andresen, Oades & Caputi, 2003 Making Recovery a Reality, Sainsbury 2008)


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